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First, I want to welcome you to my website! I am so excited that you stopped by to check out my new book, "The Scribal Realm of Dreams & Visions," and its supporting website, "The Scribal Realm." Nothing brings greater joy to my heart in this moment than connecting with you, and prophetic scribes globally, who are taking deliberate steps in advancing as 21st Century prophetic scribes of the King. Just so you know, this book and website serves as additional educational resources created to support prophetic scribes who DREAM DREAMS and SEE VISIONS (Acts 2; Matthew 13:52). This isn't the official book description (which is located here).

  • Some prophetic scribes are constantly engaging in the realm of dreams and visions in the midst of their calling.
  • Some prophetic scribes are awakened abruptly in the night season with an urgency to write or record streams of words or outline detailed plans.
  • Some prophetic scribes are interrupted at random times throughout the day, while awake, to write or record streams of words or outline detailed plans.
  • Some scribes emerge from the dream realm with entire scenes for plays, dialogue for their novels and complete poems after just a moment in the supernatural realm of dreams with God.
  • Some scribes emerge from the dream realm with specific instructions to demonstrate what they have seen or experienced.
  • Some scribes record. Some scribes write. The two are "DINSTINCTLY" different. We explore these differences in great detail.

Copyright 2015 Theresa Harvard Johnson

Every few months, I receive notes, messages or emails stating that “scribal ministry” is a false ministry. One woman was so upset about the thought of "scribes in ministry" that she called me a “false prophet” spreading “false doctrine” and brought an entire “amen” section with her. Seriously.

I actually shouted for joy in that moment. It was an HONOR to be attacked and mocked. Truly, scribal ministry is God's ministry. I continuously see these attacks as opportunities or fuel to continue to shed light on this powerful and unique calling! Scribal ministry is just as plain in scripture as the ministry of Ephesian's 11:4 or that of the elders.

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